Product Details Sabsazan K1 series K74 is a hard polish with a 325-mesh particle size. It can remove faded clear coat made by oxidation, car wash scratches and other defects from paints that do not require sanding.

How to use Rubbing Compound polish product?

Shake well before & during use. Finish should be clean, dry and cool. Polish one section at a time.

The Brief

Rotary Polisher

  1. Pour small amount of product directly onto buffer pad
  2. Work with light pressure, spreading evenly over a 2-3 square foot area
  3. Buff area thoroughly while wet, then allow product to dry to a haze.
  4. Remove haze with a clean, dry microfiber or terry cloth towel. Turn towel frequently for best buffing action.

Tutorial Video

In this video you will see how to use Sabsazan K74 Rubbing Compound polish in correct way