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Chemical Industry of Sabsazan Iranian

Our company story

Undoubtedly, the modernization of the chemical industry of Iranian Sabsazan in the industrial world today was not possible except by combining art, science, industry and creativity

How We Start

As it is clear to everyone, with the rise of sanctions in 2011, which worked on the operation of our Iranian industry, It was predicted that the Iran Khodro Group would have serious problems due to the use of the US 3M polish in its color lines. At that time, the establishment of the “Industrial Chemical of Iranian Sabsazan” group was the best option for reverse engineering and research Reverse engineering on 3M Polish was designed and constructed with the help of God. We worked full time and continuously, and Iranian subcontractors were set up. We worked hard and continuously day-to-day, and we lunched the “Industrial Chemical of Iranian Sabsazan” company.


After two years, we were able to bring our first production samples into two units of the big family of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, including the Powerful Engineering and Supply Complex (SAPCO) and the respectable color engineering organization. We have to thank ourselves that if the cooperation of these magnates did not work, the work would not have come to an end. After that, an optimized sample for testing on the car body was given to experts engineering team, which gave us more incentive to advance work.


Rise of the Sabsazan

In the year of 1392, the first Sabsazan industrial test package, won the approval of Iran Khodro and since then the consumption of the main part of Polisher has been transferred to the company and has been continuously reviewed at all Iran Khodro halls and sites and thereafter on the colors lines of the companies were: Kerman Motor, Modiran Khodro, Bahman Motor, Zamyad, Crouse, Mehrkam Pars, Sam Sanat, Diar Khodro and Khodro Mehr. It was then that we were entering the Iranian consumer market with a consistent effort to serve and protecting the global values such as quality, safety, and environmental protection, as materials with world-class standards at a price one-third of foreign products.


Today & Visions

Now, we have moved beyond, and after many years, with the great effort of all the restless employees in this series, we expanded our scope of work and in 1998 we started to provide specialized detailing and ceramic car services, with the opening of the Sabsazan Specialist Academy Educational Center and Has taken a major step forward in the industry, and aim is to train expert student in the field of polishing and car maintenance, in order to increase skills and job creation. Also at the Sabsazan's Central Shop, located at 13 km of Karaj Special Road, offering automobile detergents, polishing equipment and tools. We are proud to seek to improve the quality of our products and our customers' complete satisfaction in order to fulfill our duty as a constructor in the best way.

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