Product Details Sabsazan K1 series K130 is recommended for removal of compounding swirl marks from all types of refinish or factory aoolied automotive paints, also recommended to enhance color and add depth.

How to use Anti Hologram polish product?

Use Sabsazan K1 series K130 with the soft foam finishing pad of your choice. Spectacular results will be achived with speeds ranging from 1000 to 1750 rpm. Follow up with Sabsazan K1 series W400 for the ultimate in shine and protection.

IMPORTANT: remove excess or spattered K130 with a soft damp cloth before moving to the next area to be buffed.

The Brief

Random Orbital Polisher

  1. Shake well before and during use.
  2. Apply enough polish to buff a two square foor area. To minimize slinging, start machine slowly and work the product in, or spread the product over the area with the buffing pad before starting machine.
  3. Buff at desire speed using light to medium pressure.
  4. Reduce pressure as the product begins to dry. Do not buff dry.
  5. Clean pad regularly to reduce clogging the pad.

Tutorial video

In this video you will see how to use Sabsazan K130 Anti Hologram in correct way