Product Details The product of S.WHEEL & TIRE Saab Sazan from the series of detergents is a detergent with nanotechnology that is completely environmentally friendly. It easily removes the dirt on the rim and returns tires to their original opaque color.

How to use Rims and Tires detergent ?

Spraying is the best way to use subsazan S.WHEEL & TIRE from the series of detergents.Rinse the surface with standard water jets (140 to 160 bar). This is a touchless detergent and does not require manual intervention. If there is a dense dirt, you can spray the material on the surface and use a brush to clean that part and then rinse.

The Brief

The way of using Rims and Tires detergent

  1. Spray nano detergent on tires and rims.
  2. Rinse with waterjet after 1 to 2 minutes
  3. Then dry the surface with a clean cloth.

Tutorial Video

In this video you will see how to use Sabsazan S.WHEEL & TIRE Glass Polish in correct way