Product Details The product of S.LAUNDER Saab Sazan from the series of detergents is a detergent that is completely environmentally friendly and is produced with nanotechnology. This product is designed for applying over the interior parts of the car covered with fabric and it easily removes the pollution and stains. Beside, thanks to nanotechnology it helps fabrics to last longer. Attention: while washing avoid contact of the product with plastic or synthetic fibers of the interior parts of the car.

How to use Fabric fibers detergent?

Spraying is the best way to use subsazan S.LAUNDER from the series of detergents. Using a cloth can be the best option for washing fabric fibers If there is no vacuum device, use a clean and dry microfiber. Avoid contact of the product with plastics or synthetic fibers inside the car during washing

The Brief

The way of using Fabric fibers detergent

  1. Spray the nano detergent on the desired surface.
  2. Massage the material on the surface with a suitable towel or tissue.
  3. Then vacuum the dirty device.

Tutorial Video

In this video you will see how to use Sabsazan S.LAUNDER Glass Polish in correct way